Meet the people whose lives you're changing
TONY - Seattle, WA

Two of the worst moments of Antonio’s life happened at the same time. Right after he got divorced, he became homeless. Antonio had officially hit rock bottom. 


But he picked himself up, worked hard, and eventually was able to afford a new place to live. “I worked hard in order to get where I’m at right now. And I thank God for giving me a place to stay.” 


Thanks to your generosity, every room in Antonio’s new home is now fully furnished. 

Instead of sleeping on the hard concrete or a in shelter, he now has a soft and warm bed.

Instead of wondering where his next meal will come from, he can cook meals in a kitchen with his own utensils and tools. 


Most importantly, Antonio now has dignity and hope—all because he has a safe and beautiful home. 


“I’m not homeless no more. I’m REAL!” says Antonio 


Thank you for making Antonio feel like a real person again. 

“I feel so rich.” 
“Oh my God!” This is awesome!” 

Exiting homelessness is no easy feat. Michael understands this better than most: he was homeless for 10 years.


That’s 10 years without his own bed. 10 years without safety and security. 10 years without a place to call home. 


After 10 long years, Michael was finally able to afford a home again. But for vulnerable people like Michael, exiting homelessness is only half the battle—they have to fight every day to stay in their new homes. People who have experienced homelessness are at high risk of falling back into it.  


That’s why your generosity is so important.


Instead of being back on the streets, today Michael is in a fully furnished home. By shopping and partnering with Revitalized, you took away the burden of buying furniture, dishes, bed sheets, and kitchen utensils. You made sure he had a full pantry and other essential resources. You are closing the back door on homelessness for Michael and dozens of others like him.


Thank you for bringing neighbors like Michael home for good!

MICHAEL - Auburn, WA
“Thank you! You have no idea what this means. It feels full in here now.”
LEWIS - Auburn, WA
LORI & GEORGE - Auburn, WA

When it comes to homelessness, no two people have the same story. 


Like millions of people across the U.S. George was laid off in 2008. “I started going downhill,” says George. Along with his job, he lost a stable income and security. It wasn’t long before he lost his home too. 


Lori moved from Hawaii to Washington to be with her sister. But tragedy struck, and her sister got cancer and passed away. While grieving the loss of her sister, she tried to find a new living situation, but she ended up at a shelter. 


It took years for George and Lori to be able to afford a new home, and they still didn’t have the essentials many take for granted—the things that turn a house into a home. That changed when they became a part of the Full House program. 


When George and Lori stepped into their new home, George put his hand to his heart. “This is unreal,” said Lori. 


Each room was filled with high-quality furniture. On their walls was art picked out just for them. The dining table was set with glasses, dishes, place mates, and utensils. Their kitchen had all the tools they needed to make their favorite meals and the fridge and pantry were full. 


Thanks to you, George and Lori moved into their new home with over $7,000 worth of furnishings, food, and other resources to help keep them out of homelessness for good. Thank you for giving them a second chance at a home!

It's not just a bunch of old stuff to us. At Revitalized, second-hand clothes and home decor can change a life.
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